Thursday, 21 May 2009

UKBF - UK Business Forums

If you run a business then there is no better place than the UKBF for learning things related to running a business, helping others and finding answers to questions you might have.

The forum is moderated well and there is a wealth of professionals offering free advice to everyone (and a few plugging their services) but overall it is an active, lively and thoroughly helpful forum for business owners or anyone looking to setup a business in the UK.

Many sub forums are available such as Legal, SEO & Marketing, Accounts and IT. This means no matter what your business related questions is, you are sure to find someone who knows an answer.

There are also over 45,000 members on the UKBF and whilst a proportion of those will not be active members, the forum does seem very active with many posts appearing every day. I've tried a few forums in the past but this one is one of the more helpful ones around and doesn't seem to be spammed too badly with the usual stuff! I've even ugraded my membership to the paid level which gives you even more useful resources for running a business.

Shoot over to the UKBF and see how they can help you.

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