Friday, 25 November 2011

New HDR Haybale Wall Print

I've been digging through my photo archive and found a haybale image which I really like, but had forgotten about! This one is an HDR image comprised of three separate photos with different exposures, blended together in the great HDR software that is Photomatix.

The picture has been on one of the leading royalty free stock photo sites for a while now and it's generated a fair amount of interest so I'll shortly be adding it to the Fotoviva landscape collection, available to purchase as wall art.

I'm not keen on the overly saturated and halo-esque hdr imagery that some photographers do. Personally I just find it a great way to turn a shot into something resembling how it looked. Hdr works especially well with high contrast scenes like sunsets, where you either end up with a blown out sun or no detail in the shadows. Subtlety is the key with Hdr processing as it can turn an image into a right mess!

Once the hdr image had been processed I moved the picture into Photoshop to tweak the finer detail and create what you see here. So what do you think? If you have an hdr photo gallery feel free to post your link in the comments, it's good to see other photographers work.