Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Printing big canvas art

Some like things neat and small, others like them BIG! Are you more restrained or do you like to super size things? When it comes to wall art, if you have the space on your wall then it's great to buy big canvas art prints as they will show you mean business with your interior designs.

At Fotoviva Art Prints we can print canvases large enough for most people thanks to our proven expertise and the professional equipment we use. By using rolls of canvas material to print on, we are only limited tot he width of the canvas, which is 1.2m or 47 inches. We can then print image artwork as long as the roll of canvas which is longer than anyone would need!

For most canvases art prints we use the popular wooden stretcher bars for framing but for bespoke canvas prints and large canvas pictures we sometimes have to build custom canvas frames to accommodate the prints. These are just as sturdy and suitable thanks to the expertise of our canvas team.

Read more about large canvas wall art or just head over to the Fotoviva online canvas store.

large seascape print on canvas
Buying large canvas prints is a great way to show off fine art in your room.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

HDR photography basics by Fotoviva

HDR photography basics: HDR photography

Just had an article published by the great jean-Michel over at JMleclercq photography. It discussed how photographers can use the HDR technique to improve their work, bringing in a wider dynamic range than with traditional photography methods. It also includes a couple of our own HDR images which are available on the Fotoviva site printed on poster, acrylic or canvas.