Thursday, 7 February 2008

What to do with £26m?

So just imagine theoretically speaking you find yourself with £26m to spend on anything you like - what would you buy or do with such an obscenely vast amount of money? Perhaps buy an island? Maybe a nice pad in every country you like together with a chopper to get you there?

Or maybe you would donate £20m to various charities around the world to help starving children, animals or whatever. You know, do the right thing. Still keep £6m for yourself? Not too bad.

Just think how you could change so many peoples/animals lives with that money, what good you could do for humanity!

Or you could do what some selfish idiot has done and spend it on a Francis bacon Triptych painting to hang on the wall. Words cannot describe how crazy this is. I don't care if the new owner has spent £200m on charity - it still doesn't make it right to blow 26 BIG BIG ones on a painting.

Rant over...

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